How to increase memory for applications on your Freelander I30

Hey guys, some of you may have experienced: “Error downloading …. There is insufficient space on device. While trying to download application from google play. MTK powered android devices with 4gb/8gb usually have their internal ROM partitioned so that you have only 1gb space for your applications. Disclaimer: Please backup all your data, contacts, messages, applications and stuff as in the process all will be lost. Rooting your device voids warranty. This guide should work for (tested on Freelander I30): Feiteng H7189 (Android 4.2.1 Jellybean) Feiteng H9500 (Android 4.2.1 Jellybean) ISA A19Q (Android 4.2.1 Jellybean) Star X920 Butterfly (Android 4.2.1 Jellybean) x…
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FacePreview on Android with native libraries

Android has its own face recognition and we don’t need OpenCV to find faces on pictures or while shooting with camera. In this example I used FaceDetector to find faces on Bitmap image which I had to create from Raw data. The biggest problem of this solution is the conversion. Since FaceDetector supports RGB_565 and many android cameras support only YUV. I tested this on my Huawei Honor 2 with NV21 bitmap image type. If your device supports other image format feel free to edit code and/or post your conversion function in comments or ask for help if needed. Second…
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Puk 1.0.3 Released

There are two things we enjoy the most in Slovakia, playing and being with friends and watching our national hockey or football team, preferably both together. But there is always a question: What to do between two periods ? Well, I thought it would be great to play something simple with my friends so I created this game. Enjoy! Requirements: Multitouch screen, Android 2.2+ Screenshots (v1.0.0): Changelog: Game renamed from Ball game to Puk Initial puck speed slightly increased Download:

How to index your Book Library

Hello guys! I have pretty big book library and people tend to lend books and never return them. So I asked myself: What would be the best way to track my books ? Then it hit me. Smartphones can read barcodes and Google can recognize books by its barcode. I downloaded app for android called BookShelf. I created new shelf for every shelf I have and scanned all those barcodes. Then I created app in Java which reads xmls exported by BookShelf and uses Google API to recognize books. The I used my own API to manage database.

How to run JavaCV (with sample face recognition) on Android ARM device – Netbeans and nbandroid

I promised some tutorials so here we go. Here is simple tutorial of how to detect face on Android device using Netbeans IDE with nbandroid, JavaCV wrapper to OpenCV and FFMpeg. Android developers in netbeans skip to step 6 Download and install Netbeans – Download and install nbandroid plugin to netbeans Download Android SDK – Extract it Run SDK manager Download desired SDK (ARM system image is essential since javacv supports only arm)– I suggest 4.0.3 and update what you can Download drivers for your phone or Create android virtual device Create AVD make sure you select back…
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Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Technology is taking part of our daily life. It serves us and help us find solutions to problems or ease our way through solving them. As technology progresses new ways of interaction between people and computers pop out. Computers are already expanding our view and knowledge but I think the better way is for computers to literally expand our view by augmenting what we see and help us find solutions right in front our eyes by capturing what we see and augmenting it with solution. This is what I think will be the way technology will go over next few…
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How to convert S-JTSK coordinates to WSG84

Here in Slovakia and also in Czech republic our government uses special spatial geographic system called S-JTSK. This system uses x, y and z axis. However global standard is WSG84 (GPS position with latitude and longitude). Problem occurs while we want to convert this S-JTSK to WSG84. There are some programs which can do this but there are no good lightweight libraries which could be used and would be fast. So I analyzed one of these convertors in excel, extracted formulas and implemented it in Java. First thing we need to do is to convert S-JTSK x, y to S-JTSK…
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How to convert Czech map coordinates to WSG84

While crawling our beloved web we usually want to bind objects to GPS coordinates so we know where they are. Czech republic is not like any other country. In Czech republic there is search engine more popular than google no kidding. This search engine is called Seznam. Seznam provides services like search engine, catalogues, maps and many others. Seznam maps use special coordinate system which uses x and y axis. We usually want to convert these to GPS position. It is possible with their API but who would call their API when you can easily convert these coordinates with simple…
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