unavailable from 20.03.2019

Domain provider I am using for domain – Alpnames is shutting down ( Since the domain is expiring 20.3.2019 and the transfer process takes 5 days, the website will be unavailable starting from 20.3.2019 until further notice.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. If the process will take more than 5 days you will be able to access the site at backup domain (

Same problem ?

If you are experiencing similiar problem, you can wait until bulk transfer managed by ICANN or you can transfer your domain with these steps:

  1. Login with your alpnames account to logicboxes: (trusted website – search google)
  2. Select Customer
  3. Use your alpnames login and password
  4. Select your domain
  5. Disable theft protection
  1. Copy your domain secret
  2. Find suitable domain provider (via
  3. Commence the transfer process
    (there are some restrictions, consult google or your new provider)
  4. It will take 5 days to complete

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  1. drndos (Post author)

    Looks like the expiration date has increased by one year. Not sure if it was due to ICANN actions or my request to transfer. Anyway, everything should be fine I guess.


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