Copy CSV (Excel) table to Jira

Jira description editor is still using Jira markup for tables and it is really hard to copy paste complete tables from csv/excel to Jira.

There are online tools available to help with this manner by providing input where you copy table from excel and it produces Jira Markup table.

I have developed my own for these reasons:

  • Security. My implementation does not send or store any data and is provided by secure webserver (https). You can evaluate this by monitoring server communication and inspecting the source code.
  • Multiline support. My implementation uses PapaParse, that supports multiple lines in excel cell.
  • Autodetect delimiter. PapaParse enables automatic detection of the input format.
  • Copy to clipboard. When the conversion is done, script copies the output to clipboard automatically.
  • No ads. No advertisement, just no.

You can check it out here:

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