Natural Language Processing web series intro

TLDR; From now on you will see some tool reviews and comparisons of tools for natural language processing focused on processing Slovak, English and Czech languages on my blog site, as well as some suggestions for products and ideas.

The status of natural language processing in Slovakia is really poor an undocumented. We lack community and open source resources, which is holding back innovations and practical application of NLP in real life. NLP is being mostly developed by progressive companies or academic groups which don’t share their knowledge and resources effectively. My goal is to provide central hub for NLP tools, reviews, technologies, problems and solutions. I would like to collaborate with FIIT STU (, Essential Data ( and other progressive companies and faculties who want to contribute to the state of Natural language processing in Slovakia.

What we also don’t have, is access to language models for Slovak language. We can solve this problem by sharing language models trained on Slovak National Corpus kindly provided by Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics, Slovak Academy of Sciences. And by improving methods and features used by these models.

Other problem is real life application of NLP in practice. Many companies are using NLP to their big advantage from all over the world, but in Slovakia there is lack of demand for this innovative technology mostly connected with artificial intelligence. The problem I see here is general shortage of information about advantages and profits of NLP technologies used in practice. I want to address this problem by sharing information about success of existing technologies and also of potential applications that can have great impact on industry.

You can look forward to series of tutorials, reviews, presentations and source codes of tools for NLP.

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